Europäische Bahnen

7. Februar 2017

„Europäische Bahnen“ provides an up-to-date overview of the European Rail Market.

Who? Since 2006 a core team of 25 associates and a network of more than 200 regular contributors has built and maintains „Europäische Bahnen“ (EB), a knowledge database on Europe’s Railways. It holds data on all licensed railway undertakings, both on transport and infrastructure, in 34 European countries – more than 1’400 companies in total.

The publisher and about half of the core team are based in Germany, the rest of the team and many contributors in all the countries covered by „Europäische Bahnen“.

What? Every second year, a 1’300 page book is generated from the knowledge database. The printed German „Europäische Bahnen“ has established itself among rail industry professionals as a benchmark reference volume on the European rail market.

As a 1,6 kg volume is not exactly suited for pocket use, all the company portraits are also available in a constantly updated online database. The web interface has been specifically designed for use on smartphones and tablets, but is also fully usable on PC workstations.

Content! All railway undertakings as company profiles including: Addresses | Management | Shareholders | History/Overview | Financial indicators | Traffic flows (including maps where possible) | Fleet lists

A market analysis „Europe“ provided by the Independent Regulators‘ Group-Rail (IRG-Rail).

Overviews on the individual countries: Rail history | Key market contributors | State and regulation bodies | Route maps

A Buyers Guide of service providers with relevant addresses for the daily business.

Texts are in German, using a standard template to display information in an easily recognizable manner.

How? „Europäische Bahnen“ (EB) can be obtained as a printed book as well as an additional online license.

Contact us for specific offers for multiple users within the same company.

book online
Market Overview „Europe“ X
Country profiles X
Company profiles X X
Route- and Country maps X
Fleet lists X
Searchable X
Data as of … 27.05.2016 constantly, consistency checks per company profile at least once a year
extract Print Online (code: test)
price 109,00 EUR netto per book * 129,00 EUR netto per user and year **

* = excluding VAT and plus shipping. Delivery against prepayment. No bookshop discount possible.
** = only available in conjunction with a printed book. Price excl. VAT. No bookshop discount possible.

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